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Discover Your Power® Lupus Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching Program

Lupus Specific Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching
Also Includes: Yoga Classes, Personal Training, Nutrition Support, and Energy Healing


6-month program $2,550

This coaching program is ideal if you are ready to take control of your lupus symptoms and treatment plan through holistic health methods. Lupus is traditionally treated through conventional pharmacological treatments, aka medication. I believe in the power of exploring holistic health methods and lasting healthy lifestyle changes to improve your health and overcome lupus. This coaching program will help you understand lupus and what is happening to your body, make the progress, experience the healing, and improved health by incorporating holistic lifestyle changes into your daily life. If this interests you, I am interested in partnering with you!


I worked hard to heal and improve my health. I am happy to say I have achieved LUPUS REMISSION and am free from all lupus medications. Now I help my clients do the same.


I began my life changing journey in 2006 when I was diagnosed with lupus. I started experiencing various symptoms such as inflammation causing pain, hair loss, early stages of kidney failure, skin rashes, exhaustion, and a low platelet count which caused extreme bruising all over my body, and even a stroke in 2009. Instead of letting lupus control me and my destiny, I decided to empower and educate myself about my chronic illness so I could lead a happy and healthy life.


Working with me as your health and lupus coach means you will have the support, education, tools, resources, and roadmap created by a fellow lupus warrior who understands, has already done the work herself, and healed to achieve LUPUS REMISSION.

This program requires a 6-month commitment and includes:​

  • 12 virtual coaching sessions (2 a month)

    • Goal setting, lupus support, health and well-being, energy healing, healthy lifestyle change support

  • Access to the Discover Your Power® Learning System for education and resources

  • Access to the Discover Your Power® Virtual Yoga Studio

    • Weekly yoga classes and yoga playlists to do yoga on your own time​

  • Customized personal training plan

    • HIIT workouts to do at home or in the gym

    • 7 Monthly Personal Training Assessments (scheduled with Coach Lizeth) 

      • Depending on your location: Virtual or In-Person - Orlando, FL

  • Nutritional support

    • Monthly recipe plans, nutrition education, and resources

  • Weekly check-ins for accountability and support to track progress and adjust plans

  • 24/7 real time support as needed via app messenger platform


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Personalized Virtual Coaching  

Collaborative partnership, support, accountability, productive and compassionate discussions.


Schedule your


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